It’s not only our police officers who deserve praise – their canine companions are worthy of glory too.

And this week police dog Amber did her officers proud when she helped them out of what could have been an extremely sticky situation.

“An officer from our roads policing team was chasing a disqualified driver and managed to catch him,” commented a South Wales spokesperson.

“But unfortunately half way through the process, his car keys became dislodged from his belt.”


A search by the officers failed to deliver the goods and they had no option but to send out an emergency SOS to PD Amber.

“Fortunately Amber was on duty at a reasonably close location, and it didn’t take her long to sniff them out.

"She’s definitely earned her treats, but we can’t help wondering whether it was because she was determined not to be outdone by her colleague PD Solo.”

A few days prior to the key discovery, police dog Solo had taken part in an organised crime team to help uncover a stash of illegal drugs.

South Wales Guardian: PD SoloPD Solo

“The drugs were seized, and this was due in large part to Solo’s great work.

"The dogs have certainly done us proud these last few days.”