Residents in the Tycroes and surrounding area are being urged to come forward with their views on how the village surgery should operate following last week’s announcement that it is in danger of closing down for good.

Local politicians Lee Waters MS, Nia Griffith MP and Tycroes County Councillor Tina Higgins are all joining forces and urging people to come forward and have their say.

“This closure could have a real impact on the people who rely on the service,” commented Senedd member for Llanelli, Lee Waters.

“The branch was used mainly for phlebotomy clinics (blood tests) and we need to ensure that services are available to local people and accessible for them. I'm glad this consultation is open before any decision is made and it's important that local people voice their views.”

Tycroes surgery has remained closed since February 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its temporary closure, patients of Tycroes have used Margaret Street Practice, which is approximately two miles away.


Hywel Dda University Health Board has now received an application to close its branch surgery in Tycroes and move it permanently to the Margaret Street practice.

A consultation on moving the services is now open with the aim of engaging with patients and allowing them to voice their opinions on how the proposed closure would affect them.

“The Hywel Dda Health Board needs to make sure that this corner of their area is properly provided for, in a way which makes services accessible to residents,” commented MP Nia Griffiths.“

"Yet another proposed closure is a concern, especially as there has not been a surgery for some time in Hendy, and I understand there are not many staff left at Llangennech, and yet we have new housing estates."

And county councillor Tina Higgins agrees. “I’m very concerned to see this proposal to permanently close the surgery,” she said.

"This would be a major loss to our community. I urge all residents to have their say by taking part in the Hywel Dda consultation. I will collate any responses from residents whether in favour or against.”

If local residents want to know how they can have their say, they are asked to contact Lee.Waters@Senedd.Wales