Anyone suffering from Monday morning blues will have every good reason to hop out of bed bright and early tomorrow to watch the full lunar eclipse 2022.

This will be the only time this year that the earth will come between the sun and the moon. Falling fully in the earth’s shadow, the moon will slowly darken until it eventually turns a blood red colour, hence being known as The Blood Moon.

The moon will also appear much larger than usual as a result of it being positioned at its closest point to the earth.

Moon gazers are being advised to look low on the horizon between 0230 and 0430 BST when they’ll see the moon falling into shadow before glowing red.

Watching from a high vantage point like a hill or tall building will be essential because of the Moon's very low position in the sky.

The Moon will be fully eclipsed and red at 0429 BST and will then set, though the eclipse will continue until 0750 BST.

The eclipse can be viewed with the naked eye, although looking through binoculars or a small telescope will enhance the redness.