Interminable waits on the phone as people attempt to engage with their service or utility providers could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the efforts of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards.

This week Mr Edwards confirmed that he is supporting proposals in the house of Commons which will place a statutory duty on all utility and service provider companies to improve their telephone services for customers.

Under the terms of the proposal, companies would face fines if customers were unable to speak to an adviser within ten minutes.

“I often receive correspondence from my constituents complaining that they face unacceptable waiting times to talk to a person when they have a problem relating to their service provider companies or their utilities provider,” said Mr Edwards.

“Companies are understandably to some degree pushing people towards internet only contact or are relying on automated bots to interact with customers, but some issues can only be addressed by having a direct conversation with a person."

Utility providers include all the basic necessity supplies to residential and commercial properties including gas, water, electricity and sewage while service providers are usually a third-party outsourced supplier such as legal advisors, property and estate agents and communications companies.

"The aim of this proposal is to ensure that a more efficient, responsible and immediate customer service can be made available,” continued Jonathan Edwards.

“A statutory time limit will be set whereby customers should be able to get through to an adviser, but if the time limit of ten minutes can’t be met, then companies will face fines which could then be passed onto the customer in a rebate.

"I’m happy to support other MPs in calling on the British Government to introduce the necessary customer protection legislation.”