Llandeilo looks set to get a new sparkle thanks to the resurrection of Edwardian cleaning products created by sustainable cleaning company Allavare.

The company, run by Ed Willes, produces eco-friendly home cleaning and laundry products made to secret recipes that date back more than a hundred years.

The remedies have been sourced from a book of cleaning potions created by housemaid Betty Smith who went into service in 1922 at the age of 14.

Her first post was in Belgravia and from there Betty went on to clean in some of the UK’s most prestigious houses.

All her cleaning products followed formulas which had been passed on by her mother and it is these sustainable remedies which are being re-created at Allavare (Latin for ‘to wash’).

“My mother was a close friend of Betty’s mother and when she found out about the cleaning recipes, my mother’s company, Mangle & Wringer, published ‘Betty’s Book’,” explained Ed Willes from their family farm in Llandeilo.

“And now the recipes are being re-created at Allavare.”

All products are sustainable and contain no harsh chemicals, petrochemical ingredients, fillers, artificial fragrances or dyes.

They rely on simple, natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and coconut oil. And with an eye for recycling, they come in metal tins and refillable glass bottles.

“I like to say we're minimalists when it comes to product formulations because we use the simple ingredients that get the most output,” said Ed.

“It’s important to look after your house with ingredients that care for your items. Just as harsh products can dry out your skin, harsh chemicals can damage clothes over time but all our products are aimed at people who want to make sustainable choices with their cleaning products.

“Our natural oxygen bleach releases bubbles that lifts stains from the fabric fibres, and because it breaks down into oxygen when in water, it’s septic tank safe and eco-friendly.

"The same care for the environment runs through all our products and is definitely one of our biggest selling points.”

Allavare products can be bought on the company website and in selected shops throughout the UK.