The Gwaun Cae Gurwen kids’ culture spot – the GCG Library - has got cause to celebrate this week following news that it will be offering two new reading programmes specially designed for children.

The ‘Love Reading’ initiative is aimed at showing children just how much fun can be found in reading and sharing books with others.

Sian’s 1:1 gives parents the opportunity to book their child in to sit and read in either Welsh or English enabling them to boost their confidence and reading abilities.

Meanwhile from May 19, children can be booked in to read with the trained Burns by Your Side team, namely GCG founder Lucy and her dog Bear, who can’t wait to hear some new stories and listen to the children in a completely non-judgmental way.

For more information on the Burns By Your Side scheme, visit the website HERE

All reading sessions must be booked in advance with parent or guardians present and take place in a closed library setting

Librarians Lucy and Siân are both DBS certified. More information about these programmes and what GCG Library offers can be found HERE

GCG Library is also organising a range of activities during the next half term, including a teacup Jubilee flower arranging cream tea evening (adults and family). The price of this event is yet to be confirmed.

People are being asked to check social media for further dates and details.