Carmarthenshire landowners who have diseased ash trees on their land could face council-imposed costs unless the dead trees are removed.

The warning was issued this week as Carmarthenshire County Council stepped up work to remove all council-owned ash trees that are affecting the highway.

Specialist contractors have recently been carrying out felling works throughout the night on the A4138 Hendy link road to remove dead and dying trees that pose a risk to road users and pedestrians.

Ash dieback is a fungal disease and spreads from the leaves through to the branches causing the tree to die. Dead branches and entire dead trees can become very brittle and fall, posing a serious risk to the public.

Landowners are reminded that it is their responsibility under the Occupier’s liability Act 1957 and 1984 and the Highways Acts 1980 to ensure that their trees do no pose an unacceptable risk to people and neighbouring property whilst ensuring they comply in respect of the avoidance of harm to birds, their eggs and nests.

Landowners who have already been contacted by the authority but who have failed to remove their diseased trees are now being served with a legal notice. Failure to comply with the notice will lead to the authority removing the tree and charging the landowner for the work.