Ammanford actress Alexandra Roach will be appearing on home turf this week when her new six-part psychological thriller Y Golau begins on S4C.

The story follows the gripping tale of Cat Donato, a journalist based in Cardiff, who is determined to unravel what happened to a friend who went missing from a town in west Wales 15 years ago.

“As soon as I read the script, I liked Cat’s sheer determination and in that first reading could see that there were a lot of similarities between the two of us,” said Alexandra.

“Sometimes when I go home to Ammanford I feel I’ve missed out on certain things and I think Cat feels this too.

"But there’s also a sense of frustration living somewhere so rural; if you want something you can’t just go out and get it.

"But there are a lot of positives about not living in a city and this was something I really embraced during filming.”

Alexandra's return to Ammanford was made even more more special by the fact that she’d given birth just seven weeks earlier.

“This was my first job back, so it was quite serendipitous that I was ten minutes away from mam and day which is something that’s never happened before. This was a very healing time for me.”

Alexandra’s television career began when she was a young teenager after landing herself a role in Pobol y Cwm.

“Pobol y Cwm taught me so much and helped prepare me for starting out on my career.

"So when I went to drama school I already knew how to be on set and how making a television show works. Working on a soap is so fast you’ve really got to learn on the job.”

This is Alexandra’s first acting role in the Welsh language since leaving Pobol y Cwm at the age of 16.

“I haven’t lived in Wales since I was 17 so I was anxious about turning up that first day and doing the English version immediately followed by the Welsh version.

"You have to make a new neurological pathway in your brain.

"At least this is what it felt like, particularly seven weeks after giving birth.

"But by the end of week two you think ‘Ok, I get this’ and it becomes a very rewarding experience.”

Y Golau begins on S4C on Sunday, May 15 at 9pm.