GLANAMAN residents have spoken of their anger and fear after their street was invaded by a pack of foxhounds on Saturday morning.

People living in Llwyncelyn Road say the peace of their "quiet, country road" was shattered by a pack of around 30 dogs and followers of what they claim was an illegal hunt pursuing a fox.

They say the marauding dogs were out of control and forced residents to keep their frightened children and pet dogs indoors.

"My mum was coming home from shopping when all of a sudden these hounds came running down the hill," mum-of-three Jen Morris-Benedek told the Guardian.

She described how neighbours tried to coax the fox into a garage for its own protection, but the terrified animal still managed to bolt to freedom.

"The dogs were out of control and we could hear the hunters two fields up the mountain," said Ms Morris-Benedek. "No-one was near those dogs.

"The noise they were making was absolutely horrific. At one point we could tell they'd got something because of the din they were making."

Ms Morris-Benedek said she then received "a load of abuse" from a hunt follower. "He said he'd kill as many foxes as he liked and he didn't care for my children," she said.

"My eight-year-old daughter isn't stupid but why should I have to lie to her when she asks me what those dogs were doing?"

Another resident, Greg Rickard, said he was "absolutely disgusted" by what happened.

"They were like maniacs, shouting and screaming - there were dogs all over the road and through our gardens," he said.

"I've got dogs of my own but I was too frightened to let them out. I thought it was an offence not to control dogs.

"The law is an ass if you ask me and these huntsmen are getting away with murder.

"Once they have killed off all the foxes and other wildlife what will they start on next?"

A spokesman for Ammanford police confirmed a complaint was received but no arrests had been made.