The road at the Cross Hands Industrial Estate was closed this morning to protect members of the public from an aggressive and agitated cow.

The cow had escaped from the Cig Calon Cymru abattoir. Police said that they received a report at 7.20am this morning that a cow had escaped from the facility within the Cross Hands Business Park.

A police spokesperson said that, after exploring all options, the cow was humanely destroyed.

“The cow was extremely agitated and behaving aggressively towards people. It was deemed to be a danger to the public,” said the spokesperson.

“A number of options to safely contain and deal with the animal were considered but none were found to be feasible.

“After seeking advice from experts, which included a vet at scene, the only safe option left was to humanely destroy the animal.”

The road leading to the abattoir and Cross Hands Industrial Estate was closed to protect the public. However, it has now been re-opened.