Higashi Karate Kai Wales recently held a winter course at Ammanford, with an emphasis on Senior Kata and Grading.

Receiving their grades were Andrea Price 1st Dan, Rosie Palser 1st Dan, Ric Kelly 2nd Dan, Dave Pugh 3rd Dan and Ian Williams 3rd Dan .

Susy Soravia was honoured again with her 5th Dan under the Higashi Karate Ka, previously received two years ago under the Ippon Karate Academy in Manchester.

Also grading from the Ammanford club were Ilan, Ffion, Steffan and Natalie 5th kyu (green), Maryann, Krsna and Adam 6th kyu (orange), Finley nd May 7th kyu ( yellow) and Elexia received a white belt with black tags.

From the Cross Hand club, Zena, Sienna, Nubard and Harri graded with 8th Kyu (white belts with black tags).

Sense Soravia was exceptionally proud, with all the students from Ammanford and Cross Hands Higashi Karate Kai passing their grades successfully, especially with two new 1st Dan grades.

Students were graded by Sensei Jon Dunn 6th Dan, Sensei Michelle Dunn 5th Dan and Sensei Susy Soravia 5th Dan.