A thought-provoking new mosaic mural with a post-lockdown theme has been unveiled in Llandeilo.

It was revealed at a celebration event put together with donations from local businesses and individuals.

After the project had been delayed several months due to Covid, the workshops began in the spring.

Community artist Dani Lee started with Ideas Workshops, which were followed by Design Workshops.

Work on the mosaic began in early July, with 16 day-long workshops being held at The Hangout café.

In total, over the last seven months, 88 adults and children have been involved in the creation of the mosaic.

At the celebration event, the red ribbon was cut by two of the workshop participants, Jan Salmon and Neil Matthew.

Workshop participant Jan Jones said: “I was excited about the coming together of people living in and around Llandeilo.

"It draws on shared experiences, and was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with a common aim”

The mosaic features people holding hands, representing their desire to be together and to build the community.

Themes connected to nature portray their wish to preserve and restore it, hence a leaping salmon in the Tywi!

And a rising sun over the mountains to the east intends to give a feeling of new beginnings and possibilities.

For more infomation on Dani Lee Arts, visit the website danileearts.co.uk