Wales' health minister has urged people to "act with caution" over the Christmas period, as she confirmed the booster jab would be rolled out to most adults.

Eluned Morgan MS spoke at a press briefing on Tuesday to explain how the Welsh Government is tackling the spread of the Omicron variant, that was revealed to have entered the UK from southern Africa this week.

The minister said the variant had not yet arrived in Wales but warned: "It's simply a question of time before it does."

There are currently 14 confirmed cases of Omicron in the UK but none so far have been detected in Wales.

Ms Morgan said moves to tighten restrictions on international travel, mask wearing and to expand the vaccine programme were "precautionary" to slow the spread of the variant for as long as possible.

She said:

"This is clearly a very worrying time for us all. We had hoped by now to be able to think about a future not overshadowed by the pandemic.

"But there's never been a more important time to work together to protect our families and loved ones.

"It's too early to say yet what the situation is likely to be as we enter the Christmas period, but I would urge people to act with caution over the Christmas period. And to take seriously the situation, and the threat, of mixing with other people indoors during this time.

"Omicron has not yet arrived in Wales, but it's simply a question of time before it does."

Asked if the Government would consider a type of lockdown or fire-break should Omicron begin to spread rapidly, Ms Morgan said it was "too early to say", but added they had a responsibility to keep the country open.

Currently the minister said there are no plans to close schools or extend the Christmas break in an attempt to stop the spread of infection.

But while it is not a law, the taking of lateral flow tests before visiting elderly or vulnerable people is still advised.

The next official review of the regulations is due to take place on December 10.

The country has adopted the same travel restrictions imposed by the UK Government, including adding 10 countries to the red list and requiring anyone who arrives from another country to self-isolate until they can prove they have taken a negative Day 2 PCR test.

The Welsh and Scottish First Ministers, however, have asked the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to go further and to reinstate the Day 8 PCR test for all travellers.

Cardiff Rugby team is currently unable to fly home to Wales from South Africa after a number of people tested positive with Covid-19.

Ms Morgan said the Government are aware of the situation but that there are "no exceptions" to the travel and isolation laws now in place.

Wales is also following the advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to expand the vaccination programme rolling out the second dose to children aged 12 to 15, and making the booster jab available to all 18 to 39-year-olds.

Dr Gillian Richardson, Wales' deputy chief medical officer, said the scaling up of the programme would be "challenging" but that work was under way to enlist volunteers and third sector workers to help administer doses, as was done in the initial drive.

Dr Richardson said:

"There's a lot that we do not know about this variant. Increasing the protection the vaccine gives us individually and collectively will help."