MANY Tears Animal Rescue are calling on kind-hearted animal lovers to help them out after they have been hit badly by Storm Arwen.

One of their puppies has died, damage has been done to their buildings and they have been without power for a number of hours.

They have also cancelled their Cabin Coffee Day which was due to take place today because the building is unsafe.


In a statement on their Facebook page, Many Tears wrote: "We regret to inform you we have had to cancel our Cabin Coffee Day today due to the rescue being affected by severe storm damage.

"Storm Arwen hit the rescue causing catastrophic damage.

"We have been without power since the early hours, buildings are destroyed and we are devastated that one puppy has died.

"The new classroom we have spent so long creating is in pieces with debris flying dangerously in the winds.

"We have suffered major structural damage and loss of life so we are absolutely devastated right now and must cancel our open day as the premises are not safe and we must concentrate on the repairs and our dogs.

"Please, please help us fundraise to help with repairs. If you could donate the cost of a cake and coffee then we would be so grateful.

"If you are a builder and you can come to the rescue to help us fix the buildings and rooves, please help us.

"You can donate via Paypal here -