A POPULAR Amman Valley gardener has published his first children's book.

Adam Jones is a familiar face and voice to many, with regular slots on Pryhawn Da, Heno and BBC Radio Cymru and he's also developed a substantial presence on social media with over 18,000 followers on Instagram.

His new book Dere i Dyfu (Come and Grow) is published by Y Lolfa.

Adam, from Glanaman, started gardening when he was just three years old, following his grandfather's interest in gardening, and he now has over 20 years' experience.

Adam says: “My grandfather was an important mentor, he helped me learn so much and develop my gardening skills. I’m keen to encourage children and families to garden and to grow their own food in a way that respects and encourages nature into the garden and enjoy the opportunities spending time outdoors can create. If my book can help with this, brilliant!”

Adam now has his own garden where he grows vegetables, fruits and all manner of plants and flowers and has a personal ambition to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as feasibly possible.

“Trying to live a self-sufficient life is worth the effort! Knowing that we aren’t dependent on food chains and systems from the other side of the world and don’t have to worry as much about the constant increase in prices is brilliant. It also means that we can eat food in season and know exactly where the food has come from and how they were grown. Gardening in a way that respects, and safeguards nature helps us produce more in the garden."


Adam Jones has published his first book for children – Dere i Dyfu

Adam Jones has published his first book for children – Dere i Dyfu


Dere i Dyfu follows Dewi Draenog and Beca Broga as they enjoy gardening – they love seeing all the animals and the wildlife that lives in the garden! Through these characters, the book encourages the readers’ interest in gardening in harmony with nature and wildlife. The book shares simple gardening tasks and activities for adults and children to do together.

“I hope that the book will give children and their parents and teachers the confidence to garden. Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be a simple yet important part of life. Gardening is a great way for us to feel close to nature, to relax, to grow food and enjoy! I hope that Dere i Dyfu will inspire a new generation of children to garden in a way that respects the environment and brings enjoyment and happiness to them as well.”