AN 'Everyday Climate Hero' from the Amman Valley will see his portrait taken by the UK’s most renowned photographer Rankin displayed on more than 400 billboards around the UK.

Terry Pugh, a former miner, is part of a campaign which seeks to bring to the forefront these unsung heroes during the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

As world leaders convene in Glasgow for COP26 to negotiate the planet's climate future, ordinary people from across the UK show them how they, and others like them, are making a significant difference to reducing our carbon footprint.

After working in British Coal for 16 years as a mechanical engineer, Terry retrained in medical electronics, maintaining heart monitors and defibrillators in the NHS for 21 years.

Now retired, he volunteers at the community renewable energy co-operative, teaching children in the Amman Valley, about the climate crisis.

“I help my friend on his community co-operative wind farm and solar panels,” says Terry. “Creating our own renewable energy infrastructure in the UK could bring employment, boost skills and really lift communities.

“Community-owned renewable energy gives people who own shares a share in making a difference to climate change.

“A lot more people are talking about climate change. But in all honesty, never mind how many people we get interested in it, it is the governments we need to get interested in it.”

South Wales Guardian: The portrait of Terry Pugh by photographer RankinThe portrait of Terry Pugh by photographer Rankin

He added: “The government should be insisting that every newly built home has got a renewable energy source for heating the gas and solar panels on the roof.

“I feel as if I’m going to make as much difference as I can personally. If I inspire somebody else to make a difference - all well and good. I do what I do so I can hold my head up high and tell my grandchildren: I tried.”

The ten Everyday Climate Heroes identified by the Futerra Solutions Union and shot by Rankin range from scientists to teachers, community volunteers, former miner, farmer, a factory worker and a waitress.

Photographer Rankin, said: “The Everyday Climate Heroes all have thought provoking stories to tell. Through imagery, I wanted to highlight the extraordinary change being made by these ordinary people within their local communities and to the environment.”