A Brynaman family have gone all-out for Hallowe’en by turning their home into a house of horrors.

And over the past weeks, local residents have been delighted by the display at the home of James Barker and family, which includes a giant spider, pumpkins, spooky scarecrows and skeleton cat and more.

Following the success of the 2020 drive-by, raising money for Epilepsy Action Wales, the Barker family have once again transformed the front of their house on Cwmgarw Road into a stunning Hallowe’en display.

This year the family is raising money for a cause close to their heart - Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW).

James Barker said: “This year our daughter was diagnosed with endometriosis. Unfortunately we had to fight for many years to get this diagnosis and ended up having to pay for private treatment, surgery and diagnosis. We had to witness our daughter in crippling pain for weeks at a time with no definite answers as to how best to support her.

“This year’s Halloween drive by event is there to raise awareness and much needed funds so other young women do not have to suffer or feel that they are alone in their pain unnecessarily.

“The charity does outstanding work in giving a voice to these amazing women who live every day in severe pain.”

The Hallowe’en drive by is on Cwmgarw Road, Brynaman, SA18 1DG.

If you wish to make a donation to the cause visit localgiving.org/fundraising/Halloweendrivebypumpkinjack/