THREE dogs, a cockatiel and a guinea pig were rescued from a house fire over the weekend.

Firefighters were called to a domestic fire at a home in Bryn Iago, Llangadog on Sunday, September 5.

Crews from Llandovery and Llandeilo fire stations were called to the scene at around 4.30pm by neighbours who heard the smoke alarm.

A spokesperson for Llandovery Fire Station said crew had to force entry to extinguish the fire.

Adding: "Crews rescued three dogs, one cockatiel and a guinea pig while venting the property to remove any residual smoke."

A Llandeilo Fire Station spokesperson said: "Working smoke alarms made a difference and raised the alarm to neighbours. Have you checked your smoke alarms recently? Test it! You can book a free safe and well visit from your local fire station by calling 0800 169 1234."

No one is believed to have been injured in the fire.

Firefighters left the scene at around 5.41pm.