Harry Potter’s wand and glasses used by Daniel Radcliffe in The Deathly Hallows parts one and two are to go on sale under auction this month.

The props would have been used during the filming which took place in the sand dunes of Freshwater West back in 2009.

Dobby's shell house was constructed in the dunes, causing a film frenzy as hundreds of Harry Potter fans flocked to Pembrokeshire to catch a glimpse of the stars.

The movie props are both valued at between 30,000 and 50,000 US dollars (£21,275 and £35,458) and all money raised will go to author JK Rowling’s Lumos charity.

South Wales Guardian: Harry Potter’s wand (Prop Store/PA)Harry Potter’s wand (Prop Store/PA)

Studios Warner Bros donated the pieces from their archive and have also supplied original certificates of authenticity.

Muggles will have the opportunity to get their hands on 10 items from the blockbuster wizarding series at the Prop Store in Los Angeles.

South Wales Guardian: Harry Potter’s eyeglasses (Prop Store/PA)Harry Potter’s eyeglasses (Prop Store/PA)

Also included is an edition of the Daily Prophet newspaper from The Order of the Phoenix featuring the headline “Dumbledore Daft or Dangerous”, which is expected to fetch between 4,000 and 6,000 US dollars (£2,836 and £4,254).

Ron Weasley’s magical screaming howler letter from The Chamber of Secrets is estimated for the same price.

Brandon Alinger, chief operating officer of the Prop Store, said: “This month’s auction is the first time Harry Potter fans will have a chance to bid on a Harry Potter wand and set of eyeglasses that have come directly from the Warner Bros Studios archive.

“Bidders on those items, and a limited edition boxed set of the seven Harry Potter books signed by JK Rowling, will also be directly supporting Lumos, an international charity founded by JK Rowling that is fighting for every child’s right to a loving family to ensure they have the care and protection they need to thrive.

“We are incredibly honoured for this chance to help Lumos further its work supporting vulnerable children and families while bringing a new opportunity to fans of Harry Potter.”

South Wales Guardian: An edition of the Daily Prophet (Prop Store/PA)An edition of the Daily Prophet (Prop Store/PA)

More than 1,300 other props, costumes and memorabilia will be sold during the Prop Store’s entertainment memorabilia live auction between June 29 and June 1.

Online bidding is open at www.propstore.com/liveauction.