Shocking images show a world without bees with Snowdonia a desolate, grey landscape without them.

Parkdean Resorts, which created the pictures, has said that bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, but are currently in decline.

On average the UK has lost 11 species of bee and hoverfly between 1980 and 2013, putting the British countryside at risk.

There are fears is that if this decline continues it could have a devastating effect not only on our surroundings but our diets popular supermarket foodstuffs.

Nicky O’Malley, head of corporate partnerships at the RSPB, said: “Many of our bee species are declining globally. We can really help them by providing nectar-rich plants for them. Plants like crocus and hellebores provide a great source of food for those bees who emerge early in the colder months, while plants like borage and rosemary provide bees with food throughout the summer.

By making our gardens, balconies and window sills into bee-friendly spots, as well as beautiful places for us, we can really help these important pollinators.”