Unexpectedly I recently ended up in hospital for ten days. This was the second time I had been there this year.

The dreaded unanticipated had happened, and consequently plans were changed and everything has had to be put on hold.

All of us sometime or another face unexpected events as we travel through life. Some of these unexpected events bring us great joy and happiness, but more often than not they result in great sorrow and sadness arising from such things as an unexpected illness or sudden bereavement.

Like Jesus’s disciples who were unexpectedly caught up in a sudden storm on the Sea of Galilee, none of us are immune to such unforeseen circumstances.

As the unexpected happened and I was alone in my hospital bed, it was comforting to know that other people were praying for me, and I was aware that God is always at hand to help his children get through the storms of life.

Indeed, though our paths are often difficult it is important for us to remember that we never walk alone, but have a changeless Friend by our side. Furthermore, we should be encouraged by the words of Saint Paul who reminds us that that there may be a hidden purpose to life’s unpleasant events since “in all things God works for good with those who love him”.

This week’s thought: Nothing can separate us from the love of God as revealed to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.