AS PART of the largest study ever undertaken, the British Parking Association sought to discover motorists’ true feelings about the parking sector and found that when it comes to paying, cash is still king.

Of all the payment options on offer, the study found that 75 per cent of all parking payments are made using cash and that only 30 per cent of motorists feel confident about using a mobile phone for payment. It also found that where contactless card payments are accepted this method and cash are motorists’ preferred options.

Respondents also confirmed that they didn’t pay for parking very often; with around a third saying they paid to park less than once a month.

When they did have to pay, nine out of ten said it was for shopping or recreational purposes.

During the pandemic, concerns about handling cash prompted more widespread use of contactless payments, however the Bank of England’s research found that the Covid-19 virus did not survive in high levels for very long on bank notes.

No payment method is 100 per cent secure. Parking operators are aware that pay and display machines are vulnerable to thieves for the cash they might contain, and card and mobile phone thefts can occur anywhere, so it always pays to be vigilant.