A DOG that was missing for four-days in a remote snow-covered Carmarthenshire countryside has been found safe and well.

Olga and Steve were out walking their newly adopted dog Sam when he was spooked, slipped his collar and bolted.

Sam had only been with the couple for a short time after they adopted him from Greyhound Rescue Wales based in Garnant.

Olga said, “We adopted Sam very recently as a companion to our other dog Pixie, so he didn't have time to really bond with me or my partner.”

Sam was lost in the remote countryside around Llandysul in snow and ice weather conditions.

A missing Facebook post was picked up by DogLostWales who offered support by setting up a group on social media dedicated to Sam in an effort to raise the profile of the missing dog.

Olga added: "We did not sleep from the night we lost him, we would try and have two-hour naps in the day before going out to search for him.

"We were advised that Sam would probably hide away during the day and come out at night, so we focused our searches at night, covering around 10 miles each night.

"It was just such a vast area with fields, tracks, woodland and so much of it was inaccessible by vehicle because of the treacherous weather."

During the day volunteers from organisations across Wales including Hectors Hounds from North Wales, DogLostWales, Drones SAR, Greyhound Rescue Wales and Harvey’s Army kept up the search.

On day four of the search the couple were back out searching and came across possible dog tracks in the snow.

Incredibly, it was thanks to a dog-tag made by Chris from Ammanford Cobblers the couple spotted Sam in some bushes.

Olga said: "The sun came out and we saw a source of light coming from a bush. It was like a laser beam, it was the sun glinting off Sam's anodised tag on his collar.

"Poor Sam was starving so when we offered him food, he came towards us and we could safely attach a lead to him."

Olga added: “Sam was understandably very quiet and shut down after his ordeal. He retreated back into himself for the first few days, but we have another dog Pixie who has really helped him to recover and now he is becoming more himself again.”

Abbie Conway, manager of Greyhound Rescue Wales’ rehoming centre in Garnant said: “It was amazing how Sam was eventually found. The tags for GRW are provided free by Chris the Cobbler in Ammanford, he supports the charity regularly.

"Sam was also wearing a camouflage fleece coat. The coats are provided free by a supporter of the charity, Jacky Embury. When Sam was found, the outer layer of the coat was sodden but the inside layer was still warm and dry. It is amazing that these two small things provided by supporters of GRW were so vital in the successful reunion of Sam and his owners.”