A NEW Welsh-specific calculator is giving people in Wales a rough idea of when they will be vaccinated by.

With the virus continuing to spread across the country, the Welsh Government continues to ramp up vaccination efforts across Wales.

Residents are being urged not to contact the NHS as they will be contacted when they are eligible.

However, people are keen to find out when they potentially could be vaccinated.

The vaccine calculator helps people find out approximately how long they will have to wait to get a jab.

The website shows a series of basic questions which then tell you roughly when you should expect to receive your first dose.

The data is based on the Welsh Government’s nine-point priority list.

The next target is that all over-50s will be vaccinated by spring and all other age groups will get their jabs by the autumn.

The online calculator was created by physicist Steven Wooding on the website Omnicalculator.

He previously made one for the whole of the UK, but this one is tailored specifically for Wales.

He said: “The vaccine queue calculator I made for the whole UK was a huge success, but in the case of Welsh residents its results were not entirely accurate due to the huge population of the whole United Kingdom. Hence, when Wales started with its vaccination programme, I decided to narrow the tool down for accuracy’s sake.

“Now the Welsh residents can get their estimations based on the population of their country only.”

The online tool also shows you a range of dates when you can expect your doses, given the current vaccination rate and uptake.

You can check your prediction online at https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/vaccine-queue-wales