A Covid vaccination plan is due to be unveiled today.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething has announced he will reveal the Welsh Government’s Covid vaccination plan, setting out a series of milestones for when people will be offered a vaccine.

The ambitious plan will describe how all eligible adults will be vaccinated in the biggest programme of its kind.

It comes as Wales will publish daily vaccination figures from today – more than 70,000 people had received their first dose of the Covid vaccine by the end of last week.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales on Sunday morning, Vaughan Gething said there was "no getting away from" figures showing Wales was "slightly behind" on delivering its population share of the Covid-19 jab.

"I fully expect that over the next week, two- and three weeks we’ll see a significant step up in the delivery of the vaccine," Mr Gething said, adding that more than 100 GP surgeries would have received a supply of the jab by the end of next week.

"Right now it’s really important that everyone recognises the ‘stay at home’ period," he said, describing the "very real pressure" on front-line health services.

"We have today nearly as many Covid patients in our critical care units as our normal capacity for critical care," he added.