DONATIONS dumped outside an Ammanford charity shop despite signs urging people not to has outraged residents.

Charity shops are currently shut due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning they are not able to process and sell bags of items left outside.

Instead it is left to Carmarthenshire county council's waste services to remove them.

Angry residents have taken pictures of various items outside the Barnardo's shop in Ammanford and posted them to social media.

One said: "Everyone knows that all non-essential shops are closed, these items will not be picked up but will more than likely end up in landfill. It's really disgusting that people would do this."

Ammanford County Councillor Deian Harries has urged people to stop dumping at charity shops while they remain closed.

He said: "Leaving the items outside the shop is flytipping and is a criminal offence. The council's waste service - which is already stretched - will now have to remove these items. Those responsible should come back and collect the items themselves.

"I urge people to hold onto their donations until the shops reopen again."

Sara Gifford, Regional Manager of Retail Operations for Barnardo's, said: “Charities across the UK have closed retail stores and are following government guidelines on non-essential travel by instructing staff and volunteers to stay at home. Barnardo’s have prominent posters in the windows asking the public not to leave any donations outside our shops.

“We are however still getting reports of items left at our sites. This constitutes fly tipping, which needs to be cleared, especially where there is an environmental health concern, fire risk or it might limit access for key services. We are aware this is part of a general increase in fly tipping in many areas, with Household Waste Recycling Centres closed and most bulky waste collections suspended.

“Charities are grateful for the council waste services which continue to operate and are best placed to help avoid accumulation of fly tipped waste, although we understand they may be stretched at present. We would ask members of the public to please hold onto their donations until the shops re-open, when they will be gratefully received.”