BUSINESSES in the Dyfed-Powys Police area are being targeted by fraudsters.

The firms have been receiving letters, suggesting they now owe money for sponsorship of a safety leaflet for schools.

The letter goes on to say that payment is due for printed materials, but businesses have never agreed to take part.

A police spokesperson said: If you receive a letter or a request like this, and you’ve not asked for materials to be printed, do not pay – it’s a scam.

“Scammers may go further, and telephone you to try to convince you that you are liable for any losses they have incurred to produce the printed product.

“If this happens to you, you should:

• Inform them that you have never entered into a business relationship and that you have never requested merchandise from them and you will not be paying the invoice.

• Reply to the company in an email to confirm that you have not requested such information and will not be paying an invoice to a service you have never requested.

• Do not pay.

If the company continues to request money, report the incident to either online at, by emailing, or by calling 101.