Imagine it… one minute you are enjoying the peace and solitude of a walk in the carmarthenshire countryside; the next you’ve taken a tumble and injured yourself.

There are fields all around. You’ve got your mobile phone – but how will the emergency services ever find you?

Quickly and easily – if you have the what3words app installed.

what3words is a global addressing system that has divided the entire world into 57 trillion 3m squares and given each square a simple and unique label made of three words: a what3words address. And now Welsh speakers can use the Welsh language version of the app.

For example, Pentregwenlais is resorting.fighters.immediate or clymwn. safon.dywedaf.

The Carmarthenshire countryside is famed for its rural beauty and is a popular visitor destination, particularly for outdoor activities that are off the beaten track – but that makes locations particularly hard to find.

Even in built-up areas with addresses, there is often a lack of accuracy – postcodes can serve a number of properties, many street names are duplicates, and visitors to Wales often struggle with the pronunciation of street and town names.

Some Welsh words include unique welsh characters such as ŵ and ll and place names can look unfamiliar or difficult to pronounce for foreign visitors so a combination of three simple – and memorable – words makes identifying a destination much easier.

what3words enlisted the support of 45 Welsh language consultants, including the Welsh Language Digital Media Specialist at the Welsh Government, National Library of Wales and the Language Technologies Unit at Bangor University, in order to create what3words addresses in Welsh for the entire world.

As well as being potentially life-saving for people who find themselves in an emergency situation, thousands of Welsh businesses - from campsites to the Youth Hostel Association, Premier Inn and Sykes holiday cottages - have adopted what3words addresses as an easy and helpful way to explain their location to their visitors. The app is free to download and works offline – making it ideal for use in rural areas with an unreliable data connection, and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue; Welsh Ambulance Trust and The Coastguard Service all use it.

To find the what3words address of your favourite location in Wales, visit Addressing the world.