PEOPLE from Ammanford are among the luckiest people to live in Wales.

Cardiff topped the league table, based on data from online betting site Lottoland, with Denbigh as runner-up and Ammanford in third place.

Figures collated from Lottoland data show that between March and September 2020, more winning bets were placed in Cardiff than any other Welsh town or city.

Nigel Birrell, CEO at Lottoland, said: “People in Cardiff have been incredibly lucky when it comes to draws like the Mini Lotto, Irish Lotto and the new Lotto x5 and for the superstitious among us we’ve been able to put together a picture of Lottoland’s luckiest customer.

“If you happen to be in your fifties, are called Cameron or Ruth and live in one of these fortunate places, you might just want to take advantage of your lucky traits and see if you can win some serious money.”

The top ten luckiest regions in Wales are:

1. Cardiff

2. Denbigh (Denbighshire)

3. Ammanford (Carmarthenshire)

4. Caldicot (Gwent)

5. Mountain Ash (Rhondda Cynon Taf)

6. Treharris (Rhondda Cynon Taf)

7. Aberystwyth (Ceredigion)

8. Colwyn Bay (Conwy)

9. Caerphilly

10. Bangor (Gwynedd)

Swindon came out top as the luckiest town across the whole of the UK, with Peterborough second and Croydon coming in at third.

In other stats, men proved much more successful than women, as did those aged between 51 and 55, and those who placed their bets in August, the luckiest month.

Cameron is the luckiest name for the men, followed closely by David and Dale. For the girls, Ruth came out top with Danielle and Elizabeth trailing behind in the second and third place.

Top 5 male names:

1. Cameron

2. David

3. Dale

4. Shane

5. Malcolm

Top 5 female names:

1. Ruth

2. Danielle

3. Elizabeth

4. Emma

5. Abbie.