Last Thursday night I was deeply moved listening to the comedian, Rosie Jones, on 'Question Time', speaking about how she has had to overcome all the hurdles in her path to overcome the strictures posed by her disability. Rosie has cerebral palsy, but through her courage and determination she has managed to obtain a university degree and obtained employment in entertainment.

This followed on after listening to Frank Gardener's equally inspirational story a few days earlier. Frank, the BBC Security correspondent has been paralysed for some fifteen years after being shot in his spine whilst on a journalistic assignment in Saudi Arabia. After months of medical treatment and a painful period of readjustment he managed to bounce back and get back to work, albeit within the confines of a wheelchair.

Many people who encounter hurdles on life's path are so overwhelmed that they give up and throw in the towel. However, the glowing examples of Rosie and Frank remind us that, despite the obstacles, it is still possible to run the race of life with a spirit of courage, endurance and perseverance. In order to succeed we need to be equipped both emotionally and spiritually. This involves drawing on our own inner resources and on God’s; and when the going is hard seeking help from other people. No matter how many obstacles are in our way, if we do that we will be able to keep on going until we reach the finishing line.

This week’s thought: God can change obstacles into opportunities.