FIREWORKS set off on Remembrance Sunday showed a "complete lack of respect", a councillor has said.

A number of home displays have taken place across the Amman Valley in recent weeks after the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of local displays.

County councillor Kevin Madge said he was left furious after people were setting off fireworks "on a massive scale" in the Amman Valley on Sunday night, November 8.

"There is a time and a place to set off fireworks and that wasn't it," he said.

"It showed a complete lack of respect to those who sacrificed their lives for us."

Cllr Madge said he had also received reports of a number of distressed animals in the valley as people held home displays in recent days.

The Garnant member is calling on the UK Government to enforce new restrictions on fireworks.

The RSPCA estimates that 62 per cent of dogs show signs of distress during fireworks.

Cllr Madge said he wasn't against organised displays but that further restrictions needed to be put in place to help protect people and animals.

Adding: "We cannot have people setting them off in the weeks surrounding bonfire night, it seems to have been going on since Hallowe’en. I understand that people want to celebrate given the year we have had, I have grandchildren myself, but we must be mindful of our neighbours. Setting off fireworks for nights on end and causing unnecessary stress to animals is not on.

"It is an issue that has been going on for years in the valley but this year has seen the worst yet."