Rainbows Under Lockdown is a new anthology of poems by local author Anne Thomas, formerly of Blaenau Llandybie.

The book is a representation of what many have suffered during the continuing coronavirus lockdown.

It sees the effect from a feminist environmentalist point of view.

Anne said: "From a very young age I have had a compulsion to write. I think I had my love of poetry from my father, Bill, who introduced me to poetry at a very young age. I knew poems like The Daffodils by heart when I was six years old and so I had heard of Wordsworth.

"For my mother Megan, she said that my poems brought her Hiraeth, but to continue to write."

Anne's niece, Leanne Thomas said: “For as long as I've known my Auntie Anne, three decades, I've enjoyed her poetry, poignant and with real perception.

"Rainbows Under Lockdown is no exception to her world... I'm sure you'll find yourself enchanted by metaphors and the harrowing position the world now finds itself in. I'm sure that 'Rainbows under Lockdown' will strike a chord with many people”.

Anne added: "My father, mother and my brother are all in the Rainbows of my book and so are all my friends who supported me; I dedicate my book to them."

The book is on sale now at £10. Contact 842151 for details on how to obtain your copy.