FORMER Betws miners have been recognised with a plaque near the site of the former colliery.

Local historian and former county councillor John Dorian Evans had been keen to install a plaque dedicated to those who worked at Betws collieries.

After more than a century, mining at Betws came to end when it closed in 2003.

Around 60 miners and their families marched out of the colliery marking the end of an industry that employed thousands in its heyday in the Amman Valley.

The colliery had been forced to close because of rising insurance costs and a drop in the market price of the anthracite coal that was excavated there.

The plaque, on Maesquarre Road, has been inscribed and donated by Iestyn Griffiths of Cwmni Griffiths Bwtrimawr, Betws.

John Dorian Evans said: “I am extremely thankful to Iestyn for helping with the installation of this plaque. It is important that we can recognise the years of hard work and dedication of those that worked in the coal industry.”

Betws county councillor Betsan Jones added: “I would like to thank John for his hard work getting this plaque installed at this important site and also Iestyn for giving the miners the recognition they deserve.”

Iestyn said it was an “honour” to be able to lend his support.