Town and community councils across Carmarthenshire have been encouraged to help reinforce the strict guidelines in place around social gatherings.

Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Executive Board Member responsible for liaison with town and community councils, has written to clerks and councillors asking them to strengthen the message around the Welsh Government guidelines.

In his letter he urged town and community councils to play their part in helping stop the spread of Covid-19, especially since many of them own and operate community halls and social clubs where large numbers of people could gather.

Currently, the guidelines say that people should not arrange to meet people outside their household or extended household to go anywhere indoors together, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs.

No more than six people from an extended household can meet indoors – not including children aged under 11 – and no more than 30 people are permitted to meet outdoors, and even then they should continue to maintain social distancing whenever possible from people outside their household, or extended household.

Cllr Hughes Griffiths said: “One of the main issues that has come to light recently, where the message needs to be reinforced, is that around the gathering of people and indoor events.

“The general rule is that you cannot socially meet indoors with people who aren’t in your household or extended household. In addition, as of 14 September, meetings or gatherings indoors even within your extended household must be limited to 6 people (not including any children aged under 11). This also applies in places like pubs and restaurants as well as in people’s homes.

“Of course, many Town and Community Councils own and operate social venues like sport clubs and community halls, and it’s very important that people are properly advised regarding reopening these premises and before attempting to organise an event in one of your venues.”

He went on to say that: “Welsh law imposes restrictions on people gathering indoors with others without a reasonable excuse and this generally means that any activities being carried on within your venues should have a reasonable excuse to do so.

“You are very well placed as community leaders to ensure that this message is clear.”

In line with Welsh Government guidelines around social gatherings, Cllr Hughes Griffiths also urged councils to make early decisions around community events that would traditionally be held during autumn and winter.

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