BETWS residents are being urged to report anti-social behaviour in the area so action can be taken.

Community councillors have made the appeal after play equipment in the Maesquarre playground was damaged.

The council has also received reports of groups of youths gathering at the park with concerns of alleged under-age drinking.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "Betws community councillors are asking residents of Betws to inform the police by telephoning 101 should they see or hear any antisocial behaviour occurring near or within the Maesquarre playground area of the village.

"Some of the play equipment is being damaged within the playground and groups of youths seem to be congregating within.

"There has also been a number of incidences of doors being knocked and when answered no one is there. Parents who drive to the park are also being asked to be mindful about where they park and to keep driveways clear."

The council spokeswoman said any incident should be reported to the police so that they can patrol areas that become 'hot spots' in the village.

She added: "Without telephone calls being made at the time of the antisocial behaviour taking place the issues cannot be dealt with by police and the anti social behaviour will only increase."