A family who were travelling along an unfamiliar road came across a large sign that read, “Road Closed. Do Not Enter.”

The father, who was at the steering wheel, decided to ignore the warning and proceeded around the sign because he was confident it would save them time.

His wife remonstrated him, but there was no turning back for this impatient and persistent road warrior. After a few miles of successful navigation, he began to boast about how clever he was.

Within minutes his proud smile quickly evaporated and was replaced with cold sweat as he rapidly put on the brakes and skidded to a halt.

The road had led to a precipice leading to the remains of a washed-out bridge. He struggled to turn the car around and retraced his tracks to the main road. When they arrived at the original warning sign he was greeted by large letters on the back of the sign “Welcome back, stupid!”

As we journey through life we often trust our own judgement and think we know best about the way ahead. However, for a smoother journey it is far better to consult God’s ‘road signs’ and his ‘highway code’.

Where are these rules of the road to be found? In the Ten Commandments (Exodus, chapter 20) and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, chapter 5-7).

Here you will find help to chart the way ahead and show you how to treat your fellow travellers.

This week’s thought: God’s highway never fails to reach its destination.