BOOKWORMS will be pleased to hear that a popular Amman Valley library is reopening to the public.

Gwaun cae Gurwen community library is set to launch a new order and collect service - which allows customers to phone up or go online to order books which they can then go along and collect.

"We have spent many hours planning and putting the safety of both volunteers and customers first and now we're ready for the new library experience," said Y Lolfa co-ordinator Lucy Harrison.

The service, which will launch on Wednesday, September 9, will give customers the opportunity to look up titles available at GCG library in the Lolfa collection on the website.

“Reopening will not mean going back to the way things were pre-Covid," added Lucy.

"It will mean putting in place the ‘new normal’ approach to library services.”

A list of book titles will be available on the order and collect page on the library website

Customers can also ring through an order on 07734 274086 or email

Lucy added: "Sadly, at the moment due to continued social distancing other library services, including the use of computer equipment and face-to-face social activities, are still on hold, but our order and collect service will make book lending available to the community again.

"We are running many social activities online on Zoom, including book clubs for all ages, French is Fun and Caffi Cymraeg, which are all still thriving, contact us to find out more.

"Our Workways plus employment service is also still available by phone or online too."

To order a book, ring 07734 274086, email or visit the website

Have your name, email or phone number and library membership number ready - new members can join on the website.

Lucy said readers can choose a specific book or type of books/authors they enjoy reading.

"The library will choose five books for the customer based on their requests or try to fulfil the specific choice," she said.

"The wonderful library volunteers will pick and pack the books in a paper bag which will be quarantined for 72 hours in line with Welsh Government advice."

Lucy said library volunteers will contact customers to arrange a pick-up appointment time, which are limited to Wednesdays and Saturdays only.

The books can be returned to a drop-off point at the library on New Road for quarantine and cleaning.

Lucy said: "It's exciting to be back and we are looking forward to be able to offer books to the community again."