A BRYNAMAN youngster has completed a 50-mile walking challenge despite having to stop for surgery half way through.

Celt Evans signed up to Maggie's cancer support charity's 50 miles in August challenge after his mother Kelly came across their website online.

Like many charities Maggie's has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly said: "We were looking for things to do in lockdown so Celt and I started taking little walks around the village. I came across Maggie's website and Celt said he would love to take on the 50 miles in August challenge to help support families going through cancer.

"I wasn't sure if it was for adults only so I contacted Maggie's and they were brilliant and said they were happy for him to take part.

"They said he could walk or run and do as many miles a day as he would like.

"Given his age we decided we would do two miles a day."

Kelly said Celt was enjoying the challenge and all was going well until day 12 when he took a turn and was admitted to hospital.

Within a matter of hours Celt was in an operating theatre having his appendix removed.

"I knew something wasn't right because he's always such a trooper and it's not like him to complain," said Kelly.

South Wales Guardian:

But the eight-year-old was not going to let surgery get in his way.

"Within days he was back out on a walk," added Kelly.

"He was eager to get back to the challenge, so we took it easy to start and did a mixture of him in a wheelchair and walking.

"He insisted that he would keep on going and he was soon back into the swing of it and taking little jogs."

Celt completed the challenge on August 28 and to date has raised almost £800 for the charity.

South Wales Guardian:

Kelly said: "We are extremely grateful for everyone's generous donations and support. This challenge was for those who have bravely lost their battles with cancer and for those who continue to fight with all their strength, and all who love and lost them."

The fundraising page will remain open until September 12, visit 'Celt’s fundraiser for Maggie's Centres' on Facebook.