A WHOLE community has been kitted out with free face masks, thanks to a local women's group.

Trap WI have distributed more than 1,000 masks to over 250 households in the Derwydd, Llandyfan and Trap communities.

With the backing of funding from Western Power's 'In This Together' community fund, the group was able to buy materials for the face mask scheme.

WI member Catherine Rogerson said: "Our aim was to produce face masks for everyone in our community. We hoped that this would inspire confidence when coming out of lockdown and a scheduled return to work, as well as helping to combat the spread of this iniquitous virus.

"We took the view that you did not need to be able to sew or own a sewing machine to become involved. Our Trap face masks team comprised of cutters, tuckers, smoothers, sewers and distributers. A total of 25 including two honorary husbands."

The group was initially faced with a number of obstacles, including sourcing materials.

"Everyone seemed to be making them," added Catherine. "But thank goodness for online shopping.

"Our rural location also meant that communication and delivery was challenging but, thanks to local press, flyers and emails these were soon able to get out and deliver."

With a stock of masks the team set out and knocked on doors in the community offering the masks.

"It was humbling and emotional for us," said Catherine. "Everyone was so grateful and moved by being given these masks. They wanted to pay for them and were so appreciative of the Western Power Distribution funding.

"The delivery of the masks was time consuming due to the rural location but also because everyone wanted to chat.

"We far exceeded any expectations we might have had of supplying masks to our country hamlets of Derwydd, Llandyfan and Trap, so we extended to other neighbouring areas until we ran out of funds and materials.

"This venture has helped us make our way through very troubling times. It helped our overall well-being and we really did feel that we are all in this together.

"We thank WPD, for their thoughtfulness and generosity in providing the necessary funding which helped us provide for our communities."