A LLANDYBIE man who was sent to prison for urinating on the wall of a dentist was arrested within hours of release for sexually touching a member of the public.

John David James, aged 67, was jailed in June this year for the urinating incident and breaching a community protection notice.

He was released from prison on July 22, but within a matter of hours was arrested for sexually touching a member of public while drunk.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and was sent back to prison for 12 weeks. He will be required to register as a sex offender upon his release.

On July 24, the court granted a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) on James in readiness for his release from prison.

The order prohibits James from drinking alcohol or be drunk in a public place and he is not to act in an anti-social manner or enter Llandybie parish church or go within five meters of the church grounds.

PCSO Ian Morgan, of Ammanford’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “James is a persistent offender in the Ammanford area, and as a result of previous behaviour had been made the subject of a community protection notice (in August 2019).

“We’ve received numerous complaints from the residents and visitors of Llandybie about his behaviour, and the ball has now been firmly placed in his court - if he does not listen to what the court are asking, he can be arrested and put back in front of them.

“I hope this resolves his bad behaviour and reassures the community that we will not tolerate these actions in our area.

“This is the second criminal behaviour our team have successfully applied in a matter of days. Let this be a warning to anyone intent on unacceptable behaviour in our communities, it will not be tolerated.

“We have a structure in place that allows us to deal with antisocial behaviour appropriately, and if you won’t work with us, we will use all of the tools we have.”