TOWY valley band, The Meadows, have used their time during lockdown to write a new single ahead of their forthcoming album.

The family ensemble released 'There's You', written by pianist Fantasia, earlier this month.

The single, arranged by the band, bears their unique ethereal harmonies.

Speaking about new single, the band said: "There's You is a Celtic-inspired song about finding peace and love in a restless and troubled world. We all go through disappointments and heartache and this song is about healing from that and hopefully is something that many people will connect with."

The single has been released in collaboration with Welsh Connections' new SWND label.

The band will soon be heading back to the studio to record a song written for them by the legendary Welsh singer-songwriter Steve Balsamo.

The Meadows are a vibrant multi-instrumentalist Celtic crossover folk band. Bringing cutting-edge techniques and an exciting, contemporary vibe to their performances, the band play original works which weave between foot stomping reels to rich vocal harmonies, taking their audiences on a spellbinding journey.

Further information about the band and their forthcoming album is available on their website