CARMARTHENSHIRE council’s executive board member for resources has rejected claims that the Amman Valley is suffering at the hands of the Plaid led-Independent administration.

Last week, Carmarthenshire Labour leader Cllr Rob James and Garnant county councillor Kevin Madge urged the council to “go back to the drawing board” with its plans to help the economy in the Amman Valley and surrounding areas. 

The pair also accused the council of putting its resources in areas outside the Amman Valley.

But councillor David Jenkins, executive board member for resources, has rejected the claims saying it is important that people are provided with facts and not “subjective or misleading” comments, which he says “do not in any way reflect on the reality of the situation.”

He added: “In 2015 when the Plaid-led-Independent coalition came into power they developed a 15-year strategic regeneration plan which identifies Ammanford as one of six key areas within the county where regeneration will be focused.

“Since 2015 a total of £28,915,854 has been invested in the area to fund capital and business support projects within the town and surrounding communities.”

The councillor for Glanaman says the Amman Valley area has seen several improvement projects including the new £2.3million roundabout at the Wind Street, Tirydail Lane junction.

“Further improvements include the Margaret Street junction, as well as the new Carregamman car park access, relieving congestion,” added Cllr Jenkins.

He said almost half a million pounds has also been invested in projects in Ammanford including the housing and commercial development at the former Kings Diner on Foundry road and the former Lloyds Bank redevelopment.

The councillor said funding to transform the former Police station site resulted in a mix of housing, retail and office space, all of which have been let out.

“We are currently working with two rural enterprise fund applicants, which will see the creation of 29 full time jobs.

“Working with our partners across south west Wales the council has also secured Welsh Government funding over the next three years to deliver a property development and enhancement grant and sustainable living grant across Ammanford.”

Cllr Jenkins said he was pleased with the Glanaman workshop £1million refurbishment, with plans currently in the pipeline for the second phase.

“The facts speak for themselves,” said Cllr Jenkins.

“Having established Ammanford taskforce in 2015 the authority has been working with key stakeholders to develop and deliver strategic plans for the development of Ammanford.

“Having already delivered a number of original three-year action plan proposals the task force will, over the next 12 months, be developing a vision for delivery over the next 30 years.

“I rest my case.”