AMMAN Valley foodbank volunteers and supporters have rallied together to help keep residents fed - but they need more.

A foodbank foundation study has highlighted what many have been fearing - 1.5 million Britons reportedly not eating for a whole day because they have no money or access to food.

A spokesperson for Amman Valley foodbank, based at Gwaun cae Gurwen community centre, said: “Donations to foodbanks have dropped sharply as households prioritise their own food supply. Thankfully, in the Upper Amman Valley community spirit is still alive and well and some folks are getting quite inventive.

“One couple put fliers through every door on their estate asking people to leave just one tin for the foodbank outside their door - this morning they brought us a whole car boot full of food.”

But they said more is still needed to help feed families.

Foodbank volunteer Emyr Rees added: “Covid-19 means it’s no longer safe to have queues of people at the centre so we’re delivering directly to those in need, it obviously takes a lot longer, but feels good to be able to physically help people on their own doorstep.

“Please, if you can help with food or financial donations, get in touch 07394 904324 or visit the Facebook page - Amman Valley Foodbank."