A WOMEN'S Institute has managed to stay connected and help create face masks for care homes and hospitals, despite the coronavirus crisis.

For many years Trap WI members have communicated via the internet to remind each other of monthly meetings and newsletters. It is now being used as a lifeline for those living in isolation.

WI member Catherine Rogerson said: "Many of us are living alone in self-isolation, family living away or with little or no family. It was so heart-warming to learn that everyone was coping so well due to the community spirit present in all their communities. We are so thankful for that.

She added: "Life as we knew it changed significantly and at times like these it is very important that we stay positive and in good spirits. We decided that it might be a good idea to send a weekly email to help raise morale or 'codi calon' as we would say in Welsh."

The ladies embraced the modern technology and soon started exchanging videos and photographs of their daily lives.

"One of our members' Labrador had produced 12 puppies and another member was going to have one of them," said Catherine.

Dubbed the Trap Telegraph, members send three emails every week containing videos and images of what they have been getting up to during lock down, while checking in on one anther.

To keep busy, the group has also been working in conjunction with Llandyfan Sew Good to provided 340 fabric surgical masks and laundry bags for local care homes and hospital.

Those who can, have been volunteering in the community helping the vulnerable and self-isolating. And some ladies have been knitting and crocheting blankets and cardigans for the Baby Bank in Swansea.

"Members have also supported other causes by donating funds and materials," added Catherine.

"As contrary to common belief, not all of us can knit or sew or even want to.

"Each of us have differing skills and we have all contributed as is our way."

Moving forward and once lockdown is lifted, the group plans to produce fabric surgical masks for all members of the community.

"We do not know what the future holds for any of us but it is pleasing to report that Trap WI continues with the Sir Gâr motto of Fun and Friendship," said Catherine.