PLAID Cymru leader Adam Price has urged people to listen to the Welsh Government and not Westminster when it comes to lockdown advice.

His comments come after concern over mixed messages from Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford and Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the weekend, issuing guidance on the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis.

The R value – the number of people the average infected individual would spread the virus to – in Wales is currently around 0.8.

And Mr Price fears that loosening of restriction could lead to that number reaching one again.

Mr Price, the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Member of the Senedd, said: "Boris Johnson claims to be the Prime Minister of the whole United Kingdom but he has acted as England's Prime Minister - not a responsible one either. His message is confusing and dangerous. You cannot stay alert to something you can't see.

"The UK Government has cut itself adrift of the three-nation approach which now exists between Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There is no clearer and simpler message than 'stay at home' and I urge my constituents to do so."