AN AMMAN Valley makerspace scheme is behind a frontline 3D team making coronavirus face visors for NHS staff and care workers.

Community development officer Rob Venus, who runs the Makerspace programme, collaborated with Doctor Dimitris Pletsas, of Swansea University’s College of Engineering, who created the face visor design.

They are now looking for owners of 3D printers to join the "printing family".

Dr Pletsas was able to recall and tweak the 3D printers the university had donated to schools in order to create and produce the essential safety gear.

He said: "When the coronavirus hit and the schools and university closed, I had to think about what we could do from home that would have maximum impact. After collaborating with Rob Venus we now have a few helpers on board with each printer capable of producing around 30 units a day, but in the longer term we hope to go into mass production."

South Wales Guardian:

Glangwili and Morriston hospitals have already received face visors as well as Glangarnant care home in the Amman Valley with further orders going out to Amman Valley Community Nurses and Singleton hospital.

South Wales Guardian:

Rob said: "We now have almost ten 3D printers in operation with two in the Amman Valley. This has increased our reach and capacity significantly and we have now received orders for close to 2000 face shields for use in hospitals and other frontline medical and care facilities."

The scheme has received the backing of local businesses who have donated materials to make the protective equipment.

Rob added: "Haydale in Capel Hendre contacted me to donate 24 reels of graphene reinforced PLA plastic - each reel makes around 30-40 visors. They are a great example of businesses doing whatever they can to support at times like this."

South Wales Guardian:

Rob is keen to get more people on board and is appealing to anyone with a 3D printer to get in touch. He is asking for donations of 2.85ml and 1.75ml PLA plastic to help protect staff working through the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can also help by donating to the scheme to purchase more printers and materials.

To make a donation you can go through Amanwy Development Services - a local not-for-profit organisation. Email Andrea at who can provide you with details of how to donate.