FIREFIGHTERS who worked through the night to tackle a large fire on the Black Mountain say it started deliberately.

On Thursday evening crews from Amman Valley were called to a fire on the Black Mountain and were initially stood down. However they were called back out to another incident further up the valley at around 9.10pm last night.

The huge fire spread for miles with smoke billowing through the valley.

The flames threatened three properties in the area with crews from Llandeilo and Ammanford joining the Amman Valley firefighters to help tackle the blaze.

County Councillor Kevin Madge has said the incident was "a selfish act" in the current climate.

He said: "This is scandalous that properties have been put at risk as well as livestock and wildlife. The country is in a state of crisis and we should all be pulling together. Whoever is responsible needs to be caught."

A Mid and West Wales Fire spokesperson said: "On Thursday 26th March, crews from Amman Valley were called to an incident on the Black Mountains at approximately 17:45. They were initially stood down at around 19:30.

"However, they were mobilised to another incident in the vicinity at around 21:10.

"Crews from both Ammanford and Llandeilo were also mobilised to this incident and deployed to monitor the fire spread which was threatening three properties in the vicinity.

"The incident was later scaled down with Crews from Llandeilo remaining to monitor the incident throughout the night.

"They were then re-joined by Ammanford Crews at daybreak to tackle the fire which was then fully extinguished at 08:30 hrs.

"Cause of the fire has been recorded as deliberate."

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Arson Reduction Team have issued a warning regarding grass fires. It said: "Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. Grass fire smoke can worsen health conditions like asthma and there is no worse time for these vulnerable people to have to breath in this smoke.

"We really wish people would stop for a moment and think about their actions before lighting these fires."