Troops should be drafted in to help flood hit communities in Wales the Leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price has said.

The AM said that Welsh men and women loyally serve in the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan but were not sent to “help their own communities” and condemned the UK government for not deploying troops as they had done for northern England.

Speaking during FMQs today, Adam Price questioned why flood hit Yorkshire received on the ground support from troops but the people of Wales had not been afforded “the same level of assistance” by the UK government.

The Armed Forces were drafted in to help with severe flooding in Yorkshire during July and November 2019 and again earlier this month.

Two week ago, areas in south Wales including Pontypridd, Rhondda, Neath and Monmouth saw one of the worst flooding in decades leaving hundreds of homes and businesses under water.

In response to Adam Price, First Minister Mark Drakeford said troops had not been deployed because the situation was “too dangerous”.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said: “When Yorkshire was hit with severe flooding in July, November and again this month, the UK Armed Forces were drafted in to help under the instruction of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself.

“Storms come and go under different names but the impact and devastation they leave behind is always the same. And whilst flood-hit Yorkshire in northern England rightfully received support from troops, the communities and the people of Wales were not afforded the same level of assistance.

“Welsh men and women loyally serve in the forces. They’re sent to fight in wars overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan but they aren’t drafted in to help their own communities during this crisis.

“Why didn’t the UK Government deploy troops to support people and communities in Wales? And why didn’t Boris Johnson summon a Cobra meeting to discuss a co-ordinated response like he did with the flooding in Yorkshire? Did the Welsh Government not press Westminster for such assistance? Will they in the future?

“Time and again Welsh communities are treated as an afterthought by the two main Westminster parties. When severe flooding hits Wales again – and there’s no doubt that it will, troops must be drafted in to help and support our communities. They shouldn’t be left behind to deal with this on their own."