CHANGES have been granted to a controversial planning application which was approved two years ago.

The application for a free-range chicken barn, with capacity for 32,000 hens, at Godre Garreg Farm in Llangadog, was approved by Carmarthenshire County Council in the summer of 2018.

It had previously gone before the county council in October 2018 where it was refused, but following changes to the plans, the proposal was approved subject to a number of planning conditions.

One of those planning conditions was that deliveries and collections from the farm could only be taken between 8am and 10pm between Monday and Saturday, and not on Sundays or any bank holidays.

However, changes to this condition have now been approved by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The adjustments will mean that collections and deliveries can now be made on Sunday.

It also means that they can be made outside of the 8am to 10pm time, and on bank holidays, in the case of emergencies, so long as the council are notified in writing in advance.

The application to change the planning condition, similar to the original application, was the subject of a number of objections.

One objector said: "Having certain days free of lorries was one of the original conditions, made so that disturbance to people living nearby should be kept to a minimum.

"The applications does not specify what would constitute an emergency or when the authorities are to be notified.

"Our village centre is plagued with traffic bottlenecks and gridlock on frequent occasions.

"The addition of extra lorry traffic produced by this project makes the situation even worse and permission to make collections or delivered on any day of the year will only exacerbate the situation.

"The disturbance for those living near to the entrance to the chicken unit will also now be without respite."

The variations to the planning conditions were approved by Carmarthenshire County Council's planning committee.