Pupils at Llandeilo primary school have welcomed a new addition to help them with their problems.

Five-month-old Sprocker Spaniel Rosie is set to become the first full time therapy dog at any school in Carmarthenshire and because she lives with Rachel James, the Business Manager at Llandeilo Primary School she’ll never miss a day’s attendance.

The five-month-old canine has been brought in to help boost children’s wellbeing with lots of strokes and petting.

Headteacher Karen Towns explains: “At Llandeilo Primary School, we are extremely proud to have committed staff who always put the children at the heart of everything they do. Wellbeing has been a big focus at our school with the introduction of Therapy dogs, PausePoints, Wellbeing School Council, School Labyrinth and more recently Cwtch (our school-based nurture group). However, we knew in our hearts that there was room for more.

“We are very excited therefore, to introduce a new permanent member of staff who will be joining our school.”

Rosie, who was born on July 25, is in training to become the school’s dog and is set to become an integral part of our community. Rosie will begin her first set of puppy classes and in time, the school plan to train her to become a qualified ‘wellbeing’ dog.

Mrs Towns added: “Throughout the media, we hear significant coverage about the increase in adverse childhood experiences and the heightened anxiety.

“Rosie is joining our school to help support these pupils and will be based in the school office. However, she will be available to all members of our school community who may benefit from her help.

“Whilst there are numerous benefits to Rosie joining our school, we recognise there are some concerns you may have. Please be assured that the school has been working with external agencies to ensure these areas have been considered.”